One of the greatest challenges I was hoping to face as president was giving IPOC a 21st century makeover online. Little did I know COVID-19 would suspend that pursuit. Our April 2020 Training with Kelvin Beene and Prairie State legal, with SIXTY registered attendees was cancelled, and I was unsure how to proceed with training going forward. My greatest challenge was to find affordable online training. ICC provided many options, and after watching for a year, IPOC is back with digital training as well. Regular IPOC meetings will resume too. I will also begin to put minutes, data, and relevant information here in the blog. Thank you so much for your patience. My number one goal is to provide you all with CEUS and education you can use.

Also, we will need to hold elections for IPOC. I would like to step aside as president by June 2021, and offer service as a trustee. Please consider running for president after buying a membership. I will help you for the remainder of the year to provide training and run the website and meetings.

My number two goal is to drive membership. While we have not kept accessible data, membership has dropped off substantially in the last 5 years, while attendee participation has not. I'm pushing for a new drive of 20 active communities/businesses. Those who sign up as members will receive discount training. Members have the right to participate, vote and hold office. Trade professionals are WELCOME TO JOIN and encouraged to do so.

Thank you all,

Dave Silver

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