Our first all digital registration and training went pretty smoothly. Thank you to everyone who signed up.

Most importantly, I will be stepping down from IPOC in JUNE. I've extended my stay is as president through COVID until we were back up in a regular cycle. I will formall hold elections in June.

I will offer my services as a trustee and guide the new president. I've already got most of June training booked, so the new president wouldn't have anything to do until August!

Membership: Our membership is ticking upwards again, which is great. Covid has surely pulled back on activity, but we're ramping up. I'd like to get back to 20-30 member communities again. I will be offering ONE FREE training session for one person in each community who has yet to join. I will put this in the mailer.

June 3rd 2021 morning training session 1 (2 hours) is from local 17 Heat and Frost Insulators; Our discussion includes the importance and proper installation of mechanical insulation (poorly installed products from untrained workers), asbestos identification, and proper firestopping techniques.

Our afternoon session will be 2 hours of 2018 code enforcement best practices with Kelvin Beene. It will additionally cover changes from 2015-2018 IPMC. There will be time to ask questions too. This will give you 4 CEUS! The Price is $20 for members, $25 for non-members. Again, if you haven't purchased a 2021 calendar year membership for your organization, which covers ALL employees in your division, you can do so AND receive one free training for one individual (plus the discount for everyone else).

Job Opening: Wes from Peoria has an electrical inspector position open @ . He'd love to get it filled! Please check it out.

ICCA: Dues are ready for ICCA, so we will have to discuss this at the JUNE meeting.

All the best,

David Silver

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